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Controlling hot water heater

I installed smart radiator thermostats in my holiday home. Mainly to turn on heating some hours before arrival.

I use central(District) heating for both radiators and hot water.

I would also like to turn on the hot water heater using the App and the extension module, but i learned that its not possible to use the extension module just as a simple on/off control unit to control a valve .

Off course the best solution would be a controllable unit with a cable sensor.

What can I do ?

ps. Im really looking forward to a All on / All off button in the App.


  • Hi

    Heating hot water via the App is all dependent on whether the extension kit can be connected to replace your current timer/programmer? What did Tado say to the model/version you told them?

    The hot water control is purely an on/off according to your schedule. Temperature is set at the storage cylinder.

    Thing is, the extension kit can only connect where there is only two zones, one for heating and one for hot water and depends on whether the Tado Extension Kit can connect to your existing wiring. If it can, then happy days.

    How do you connect Tado to heating at the moment?

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