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moved from Hive to tado. I am used to hive google home boost command for 30mins,

I moved from Hive heating to tado last week. The most used command for my previous Hive system on my google home for hive heating by all my family members is "hey google boost living heating to 45mins" this used to fire heating ON and set my living rad temperature to 23degrees c. only for 45mins, this was during late nights when all others are sleeping after 10pm and any person watching tv in living after 10pm.

Is there a way I can setup tado to similar scenarios using either home assistant or alexa?


  • You can connect Tado with Google Assistant quite easily and ask for it to heat up.

    So far I have not seen it working for a limited period though, as you suggested, so you will have to tell it to change again after - in your example - 45 mins.

    As a workaround - to not forget that I have set 1 room manually higher - I have created smart schedules with a new block late in the evening and have set all rooms to override manual settings with the smart schedule at the start of each block. That's not as nice as your request, but at least I don't have a rad on for nothing all night if I forget to change it back.

    So yes, it would be nice if Tado would add this little trick: boost for X minutes

  • The standard Tado service does not allow you to dynamically set the duration for boosting your heating, but there’s a couple of work arounds.

    1) Voice commands are treated as manual control, and the duration pre-defined in a room’s settings will be used every time. If you always want to boost for the same duration e.g. 45mins then this will meet your needs.

    2) You join the third party IFTTT service and create applets to boost Tado for a fixed duration when given a voice command. The duration is fixed in the applet, but you can create multiple applets for different durations. I’ve done this for Alexa, but I believe Google assistant will work in the same way.

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