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Heating Not Coming On


Had a new boiler fitted yesterday (Worcester Bosch Greenstar i). This was fitted with the Tado Themorstat and extension kit. Internet bridge has 3 lights on, thermostat is paired (the chain links on the display are joined together) and the extension kit light is "breathing". Yet when we turn the thermostat temperature up the heating doesn't kick in. Have tried switching things off and on and rebooting. Any ideas?


  • Is the Tado system new, or used with your previous boiler?

    Is it configured for 230v relay or digital bus?

  • The Tado system is new and it is with a new boiler (both installed yesterday).

    How do I tell if is configured for 230v relay or digital bus? I am not an engineer (unfortunately!) :)


  • GrilledCheeseGrilledCheese ✭✭✭
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    When you registered your account with Tado they should have emailed the wiring instructions to pass to your plumber. Inside the boiler there are 2 different connectors to use, depending on whether you are using the traditional 230v relay method or the modern digital bus option. Tado need to remotely configure the devices before they will work.

    I assume your plumber is coming back, as he/she needs to verify the controls are operational before they can sign off on a new boiler.

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