Can you run more than one extension boxes off the same system

I have a conventional boiler/radiator setup in my house and an additional zone using a Salus RT500RF (TX) controller for underfloor heating in an extention.

To control this underfloor heating; is it possible to add an additional extension box, in place of the sender, with a awireless thermostat.

This way I can control the whole house in one system

Hope you can help


  • Thanks.
    I should probably use a wireless smart thermostat then?
  • @stephenjm: I am using the same salus thermostat but I am experiencing 
    excessive system inactivity times with worsening of comfort 
    and increased consumption. my system is connected via opentherm 
    bus. I was wondering if you are having the same experience. 
    For me, the type of operation of the thermostat is not satisfactory 
    as once the setpoint temperature has been reached, it switches off the 
    system until it is lowered but due to the thermal inertia of the system
     this regulation strategy is not good. When the set point temperature is 
    reached, a maintenance strategy would be necessary, with small ignitions 
    calculated in order to keep the temperature
     reached constant, avoiding useless and expensive swings.

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