Extending Range

I have recently fitted Tado but have problems with it losing connection to some of the radiator stats resulting in the rooms heating in the middle of the night to 26, when set to 16. Our house had issues with wifi and this could only be resolved by installing a mesh. I think the Tado system is good as far as it goes but it seems that I am not alone in have issues with connectivity after testing all advised set ups. Please can we have a mesh or a range extender option as soon as possible to make a good system great.


  • This is an absolutely essential feature. Other systems recognise the need for consistent coverage across a home - Hue bulbs create their own mesh network, Ring Alarm provides a range extender. Tado seems to ignore the need and the discussion about it.

    It's a shame because I'm just about to return at least 3x TRVs because the rooms they were destined for won't reliably connect to the bridge judging by my test with an already setup and dismounted head.

  • Yeah. I've installed a Tado system which works reasonably well (although I'm having to play with the internet bridge position to try and find a place where it doesn't disconnect.

    But I'm hoping to be able to install the 8 TRV's I just purchased. But if the maximum range from the bridge is 13 m, then this is hopeless - my house has distances of 50 m plus very thick internal stone walls.

    If it is impossible to get such a system to work, I would have preferred to know that before purchasing! But it seems that there would be a simple solution with a range extender.

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