Upgrading from Honeywell AQ6000 controller to Starter kit V3


I have purchased the starter kit v3 and I'm beginning to wonder if it is not compatible with my current system or requires additional parts/modifications (or that most of the sensors wiring isn't required for a Tado installation).

Boiler is a Potterton Precision condensing boiler. Currently wired using L,N and E. No permanent live. I also can't find any indication that this is boiler would be operntherm compatible (installed 2013).

The system has a hot water tank (Y plan)

My plan was to remove the original programmer and controller and let the tado control the system.

Currently there is an AQ6000 used to program the system. A central controller is located next to the hot water tank and diverter valve a short distance away along with the pump. This controller sends output to command the boiler on/turn on pump etc. All wiring comes back to this central controller box.

The current programmer is connected to to the central controller via a two wire system which I believe would be a digital communication. The controller is very old now but it was advanced for its time (it has external temperature sensors water temp etc). I presume the communication protocol would not work with the tado bus system due to its age.

My original plan was to remove the Honeywell system entirely and use the Tado with Expansion box but I'm finding it hard to understand some of their literature.

For instance in one of the manuals (230v Relay installations PDF) it states at the beginning the 'Tado relay must not be used to switch the main supply to the boiler'. Can anyone explain what is meant by this? The tado relay is rated higher than the protection used on my current boiler wiring. I would expect an OpenTherm system to require a permanent live to the boiler though.

My current controller has an input for the temperature sensor for the hot water tank. This is only thin gauge wire and not rated for higher currents (analogue signal). I am presuming the Tado system doesn't know the temperature of the water tank and its simply an on/off command to the boiler/diverter valve when hot water is requested? Is a temperature sensor needed for the system to work. I have seen some schematics that include the water tank but presume this would be a on/off set of contacts. Would I need to install an additional switch to turn the boiler off when temperature is reached in the tank?

In an ideal world I would like to just replace the aq6000 programmer and leave the rest of the system in place to monitor and control the firing of the boiler and diverter valve. However I expect the Honeywell system to use a communication protocol dedicated to Honeywell products only as its around 30 years old so this seems unlikely to work.

Any guidance would be appreciated.


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