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Bought 6 radiator thermostats.. Not working as expected!

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I bought 6 tado radiator thermostats for my existing system. Installation seemed straight forward and all devices seen and registered as working.

So I tested to see if i could just have the living room rad on and set all the others to be 14C..... The living room is fine... But 2 of the rads have still heated up despite being "green" in the app and way above the requested temperature.

Is there something im not understanding?


  • Ok.

    Slightly annoyingly even if valves are not actually opening and closing the valve they will show up as working in the app.

    The fact the radiators are running hot means the valve is not being pushed down and it’s open.

    Can almost guarantee one of three things.

    1. Not installed properly. Happened to me a couple of times. The Tado and adapter did not seat properly. Take off and make sure they are screwed down. If you need to recalibrate just take batteries out and put back in. That resets the calibration

    2. Radiator valve is sticking. Again also happened to me. You may need to work the valve with flat side of a spanner. Then recalibrate and install again. Given you have a couple running correctly would appear to mean you have installed correctly but that the valve is stuck.

    3. I had two slightly different kinds of rad valve and realised that needed different adapters. Also had to mess about with the plastic plunger length to get it to work properly.

    My money would be on 2

    Good luck
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