What do the boiler levels really mean?


I noticed that when the current temperature is closer to the target temperature, the smart thermostat does not even turn on the boiler. it shows the heat demand as <10~15% like below. Is this intentional? when the demand shows two bars then it turns on the boiler. is this correct?


  • The problem I am trying to solve is to see how long has tado kept the boiler on. Now whenever there is a single bar < 10-15% tado does not seem to be turning on the boiler but it still counts the boiler minutes for the whole period. You can see the boiler minutes in the "Care & Protect" screen. I was hoping to reconcile that with the gas bill but it is not going to work.

    I am thinking Tado uses some intelligence to know when to turn the valves open in the smart radiator thermostats but NOT turn on the boiler yet. If that is the case it is a bug to report that the boiler has been turned on for purposes of minutes counting.