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What is the Battery Life for V3 Wireless Thermostat?

I want to know how long the 3 AA batteries should last on average ( number of months ) for the wireless thermostat?, appreciate the answer will be it depends on usage, but I plan on not using the controls on the thermostat but instead use the Mobile App to manage it.

Been trying to find out some information on this, so far my searching as only uncovered issues with the wireless thermostat which is making me thinking of sending it back.

Issues such as battery warning, showing, should have about 3 weeks to change, but it runs flat in a week, then leaves the call for heat going endlessly on Max temperature, which sounds a nightmare or that changing the batteries in the thermostat and the device stops working and won't pair again.

I would personally prefer the thermostat to be wired in, but because I have a boiler with a separate hot water tank my only option I could see was to purchase the Extension Kit which comes only with a wireless thermostat.

I'm planning an upgrade from the TADO Generation 1 device which after the recent Cloud IOT Outage meant I couldn't change the temperature of my heating until the outage had been resolved!, which is awful!, TADO's customer support response was Generation 1 Kit is no longer supported and they stopped selling it in 2014, so buy a upgrade!, although upgrading will allow me to change the temperature locally, I'm not a massive fan of having to replace batteries and it's flaky low battery warnings, which just seem like a hassle, also now TADO have stopped doing phone support, which is a massive shame.


  • For information, the batteries in my V3 smart thermostat lasted 18 months before they needed changing.

    I rarely use the controls on the thermostat.

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