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One TRV stuck open


I’ve read various similar threads about this. I think it might come down to needing a replacement TRV, but I have a question about how secure/tight the mounting for the Tado smart thermostat radiator thermostat should be.

When I have fully tightened the metal ring on to the TRV, the plastic that the Tado thermostat twists/clicks in to still turns - should that be fixed/engaged or is some movement normal? None of the other plastic discs are fixed tight, but they work!

I’ve noticed when recalibrating that some tilting movement of the smart thermostat itself is visible too - is that to be expected?



  • I noticed that my TRVs did this after install. I tried to decide whether I could live with it but realised my non smart TRVs never did so why should these?

    My answer, get a wrench. Hold the plastic tight. And tighten up the screw to keep the TRV from moving. You'll find it makes the mouting of it much easier.

    Don't forget to take out the batteries of TRV for ten seconds so that it recalibrates yours TRV when it starts again. I noticed on my lose one's that the calibration didn't work as well because I was messing around with it trying to tighten it as I installed it.
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