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Help have i got the right kit

Hi there
I have a vailant combi boiler
2 cables come from this to a switch socket to turn the power off to the boiler, 1 cable then goes from the socket to a wired old dial thermostat, this is all upstairs on the landing where it is always warm and all rads are always off apart from the towel radiator in the bathroom.
I am aiming for a wireless set up and was thinking I would have to replace the thermostat with an extension kit to be able to use a smart thermostat wirelessly downstairs.
I have attempted to wire the extension kit but it is not powering up so I have obviously done something wrong!
I have a brown, blue and green/ yellow cable to work with, any help greatly appreciated!


  • Did you take any photos of the setup before?

    Those usual colours are live (brown), earth (yellow and green) and neutral (blue) which is a standard 3 core.

    How did you wire the extension kit?
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