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Can I get the radiator Thermostat detect open window while using a wireless temp sensor


So I have a wireless temp sensor taking readings to be more accurate which is on the wall on the other side of the radiator.

When a window is open and if its not very windy and cold, my sensor would not even realize the window is opened since the temperature wouldnt drop on the other side of the room. Even if its very cold, it takes a while before it figures it out.

However the radiator thermostat without the wireless sensor would do that and it'll notify me within a minute or two.

Is there a way to set the wireless temp sensor to control the usual heating functions and make the radiator thermostat only be the one detecting open window without having an affect on any other functionality than that?




  • The app does allow turning off of open window detection for smart thermostats which might get you half way to your problem? You could then solve the other half with a nasty hack of setting a positive offset on the smart TRVs.

    Then when a window was opened the smart TRV would notice, see the dropped temperature but have such an offset that the smart thermostat always recorded the lower temperature?

    A bit of a hack but might get you there?
  • Thanks for the reply.

    The hack will affect however how my normal heating works since in the app i get to choose either a wireless temp sensor or a TRV to monitor the temp.

    Best would be if I could choose which device in a zone would be used to detect an open window regardless of what device is used to monitor the temp for the usual use. But this seems impossible atm as far as I can tell.

    R H
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