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Two zone setup query and ‘calling for heat’ issue

Afternoon all


Dual zone, upstairs and downstairs - Honeywell CM707 controllers changed to wired smart thermostats

Water controller changed out to an extension unit

all TRVs changed to Smart TRVs

I have the well documented issue that only when the Smart Thermostat calls for heat will a room warm up based upon that rooms settings and this works as expected, however, if TADO change the setup so a TRV can call for heat will it work, surely a signal is required to open the zone control valve?

any others with similar experience?


  • All sorted, TADO support had to make some configuration changes - I think they have created Zones for TRVs upstairs that talk to the upstairs smart thermostat and same for downstairs

    I can now call for heat by individual room without having to set the Smart thermostats first - if others have the same issue raise with TADO support who were very helpful

  • Hi SDF1965,

    I know you have just posted this but I think you might have resolved the current issue I am having!

    I recently bought 2 wired smart thermostats and 4 TRVs.

    I wanted to have 1 TRV linked to the downstairs thermostat and 3 TRVs linked to the upstairs. I just wanted confirm - are you saying that Tado support were able to make the relevant changes to link the TRVs to the relevant smart thermostat?

    At the moment I think all the TRVs are linked to my downstairs thermostat and the app doesn't give the option of pairing TRVs with different smart thermostats. I was considering whether I needed to ditch the system if I can't have TRVs linked to different thermostats!


  • Hi @Sags , there seems to be a mode of operation that we, the users, can't change and it does need TADO support intervention

    I raised a case but also made a phone call and left a message as we had no hot water, TADO support then replied and we used the chat channel to work through the issue.

    Suggest you raise a case and send it in, detail your setup which seems to emulate mine with the separate zones, explain which ones are upstairs and which are down and I am sure they will resolve for you

    Now mine has been done and I have integrated with Amazon Alexa it works really well and I can simply say 'heat room x to 21 degrees' and it works exactly as I hoped it would, best of luck 👍️

  • Hi SDF1965,

    I believe I am having a similar issue. I have two Tado thermostats - one for the living room, the other for the rest of the house. At the weekend I installed two Tado TRV's and whilst they calibrated and the app shows a call for heat, no heat is actually sent. I contacted Tado three days ago and have had zero response so far.

    Fingers crossed I'll receive a response very soon.

  • @Three , if you raise the temperature on the smart thermostat to say 22 degrees then set the temperature on your Radiator TRVs to say 21 degrees does that fire up the boiler and heat your radiators?

    If so it does sound like the issue I had where the room Thermostat had to be calling for heat, - if you have no heat phone Tado and tell them, this is a voice message service and in parallel raise support request, I found that helped TADO service agents understand and get in touch

  • I had a very similar issue. Initially tado support told me that what I wanted to achieve was not possible, but by persevering and sharing this discussion with them they were eventually able to configure two zones and associate the TRVs with the correct zones.

    It would be great to have this option in the app eventually, and not have to contact support (which I'll have to do again when I add more TRVs). My HomeKit setup already has two zones configured, so I'd imagine the tado app could even work this out itself.

  • @Undeleterious , it is odd that users don't have access to these types of configuration settings, I would have thought it pretty straight forward to have a 'zoning' option that you then add TRVs to

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