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I have a family house with gas boiler, radiator heating and wired temostat in the living room.

I woluld like to install a wired smart termostat in our living room and two smart radiator termostat in the bedroom and study. (it can be extend in the future). I think the boiler will start, if the temperature in living room too low is. What happens, if the temperature in the living room too high, the boiler doesn't work, but in the study too low is. When will start the boiler?

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    If you have configured it correctly, and assigned different rooms, the smart TRVs will call for heat to the boiler when they are below their temperature. This will pump hot water to your central heating. The smart TRVs will allow the radiator in the cold rooms to get water and heat the room until they reach temperature at which point they will stop calling for heat. Because your living room is on a dumb TRV it will also get water in the radiator until either the smart TRVs stop calling for heat or the dumb TRVs hit hit the cut off (no specific temperature control of heat).


  • An other question: in the living room i want to install also smart radiator termostat, and in this case in the wired termostat have to switch off the temperatur measuring funktion. The heating in the living room has to be closed, when the temperatur is too high in this room and in other room is necessary to heat.

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