Screw holes up and down, not on the sides

Tado smart Thermostat expects the screw holes to be on the sides.

in my case its top and bottom. and there is no place to drill new holes. any ideas how to work around this? I would love to not use the tape and stay with the screws. Image here


  • There is no way around this. Are those preexisting screw holes from your previous thermostat and they match the Tado ones exactly?

    Unless Tado provdes teo back covers one with horizontal and one vertical mounting, I dont think you can work around this without the tape.

  • True. I had to drill a hole in the thermostat back cover to get around this
  • Update to everyone.
    I am not installing what we call in german „putzausgleichsringe“ and using it as an adapter.
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