Using an extension kit with a wired thermostat

Hey all,

I'm new to Tado and I'm struggling a bit with buying the right stuff. I ordered an extension kit as I don't have a wired thermostat currently (using Nest). Then I bought a starter kit, but accidentally one with a wired thermostat.

My question is whether I can hook up both the wired thermostat and the extension kit to my CV, thinking I may add other wireless thermostats later -OR- if I should just be using wireless ones with the extension kit (and return this wired one).

I don't mind experimenting a bit, but I want to avoid drilling holes in a my beautiful walls, only to discover that I've been thinking about this all wrong.

Guidance is appreciated!

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  • martinkl
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    Alright, I'm figuring things out as I go:

    Seems like there is no wired or wireless version of the thermostat itself, there are simply wired and wireless starter packages. I have a wired starter package, but since I also purchased an extension kit separately, I'm good to go for a wireless installation of the thermostat. Because of how different stores list the product, I started to think that there was a wired and wireless version of the room thermostat itself, but it's one and the same.

    For those with the same confusion as I had: once I have the extension kit wired to my CV, my thermostat can be placed in any room without wiring and the room and radiator thermostats can request heat through the wireless receiver of the extension kit.

    Problem solved.

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