Support Response Time?

Does anyone know what the current response time is for Support? I've recently got Tado installed and need support to make some config changes for multi zone (why on earth is something this basic not available in the app?)

I'm honestly one mood swing away from ripping the whole thing out and sending it back. It's more than a little concerning that something as important as home heating is it the mercy of a company that takes almost a week to reply. I've had to put the whole thing in away mode because my heating was stuck on 24/7.


  • Completely agreed, I have made the point to them and they just ignore it. Heating, which Tado controls, is a fundamental, safety critical system, and you cannot even call them, it's a joke. I too am close to ripping it out and asking for a refund....
  • I started to think the same thing, my heating suddenly stopped and no one is answering

  • I've decided I'm going to return my kit if I still haven't heard anything from them by the end of today. Hope you both get your issues get sorted!
  • They have an email ticket system, but its disjointed. And they always ask to close the query.or time limit the enquiry.

    They need a resolution centre with notifications
  • Finding this very frustrating too. Trying to get my system set so smart radiators valves can command boiler to start and been waiting nearly a week for a response.

  • I have a problem with my system too and they're just not answering. I've had it since 2015 so I will just move to another brand. It's just awful.

  • I took up the deal this Prime day and invested £100s in new Smart Thermostats to upgrade my existing system across the house. Since then I've had a number of issues including no service, cold radiotors and the whole system heating up without any request to do so.

    I've raised two support queries over a week ago and not one response. They used to be be great, but it's so poor now. Like others the fact that their remote system drives my entire house is a real worry. Their remote server just went down to the last half hour leaving me unable to control a thing...ridiculous.

  • Not an investment just yet. I bought some trvs and a thermostat as a trial and my family are keen for some. If I don't get the issues resolved soon, I'll be recommending against. Still holding out.

    Queries open for 4 days so far.
  • The current customer support response is a absolutely shocking.
    We bought the starter pack and the extension kit is on very dated firmware. The firmware can’t be upgraded because it disconnects every ten minutes and the only way to reconnect is to turn it off and back on. It’s clearly a fault with the extension bridge as the smart thermostat never disconnects. Getting to the point where I’m going to return this and write to watchdog. People could spend hundreds having this system installed only to be left without any heating controls whatsoever.
  • I've been without a reply for 7 days now.

    No hot water or heating... The support is a joke

  • same for me, no response from 15 days

  • Looks like still the same in 2021, got halfway through setup get to putting in my boiler model and app tells me to wait for support to get back to me, if it takes anywhere near the times people have quoted sending it back to OVO for a refund.