Not Heating Up

I have a smart stat wired to my boiler, it’s situated on my landing, the temp is 19c (set to 15c) on the landing. the rad does not have a TRV installed

I have asked my lounge to be 20c (currently 18c) the boiler is not switching on.... smart TRV and smart stat in lounge)

Is this because the landing is over it’s set temperature?

I’m awaiting more TRV to be delivered on this new install


  • Tado support prob need to connect trvs with thermostats, contact them
  • samd
    samd ✭✭✭

    We can have:

    1. All tado devices calling for heat OR
    2. No tado device gets heat until the boiler-controlling Smart thermostat is, itself calling for heat

    Only help line can change this for you