No hot water


I installed the extension kit and followed the instructions for the replacement of a Honeywell controller, extension kit is paired and TADO support setup a hot water zone for me however, no hot water

Wiring doesn't seem to be correct unless of course the jumper block is making connections within the extension unit, I simply have wires in L, N and terminal 4

Extension unit is connecting to an Ideal Logic System S24 boiler

Anyone else had similar issues and have a resolution?


  • SDF1965

    update should anyone else have similar issue - caveat - all installs differ so best to confirm with TADO support who , in my case, were exceptional and system now works as expected

    My Honeywell controller for Hot Water was the 9100c, it's listed in the install app for the ext kit and instructions were clear and easy to follow

    I had to place wires in L, N and connection 4 - TADO setup a hot water zone for me but no joy unless the Wired Smart thermostat was calling for heat

    After a conversation on line with TADO support we agreed the wire in connection 4 should actually be in connection 3, wire moved, hot water up and running as expected