Connecting electric devices to Tado eco-system?


The Tado website states clearly that many devices, like infrred panels, are not integrated. Yet, I can imagine that many of you have tried, hopefully in some cases successfully, through IFTTT, Home Assistent or otherwise. What would be the best way to do this?

I can imagine using 'smart plugs' in between that respond to IFTTT which responds to tado triggers?

Or through Google Assistent that responds to Tado?

Any practical ideas?

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  • Chapstar37
    Chapstar37 ✭✭✭
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    Have ifttt linking a kasa smart plug on my portable air cooler to a redundant TRV in the summer. As long as the TRV is in frost protect it stays linked and IFTTT can monitor its temperature and then turn the smart plug on and off to operate the cooler.


  • Nasnl

    That's a nice set up @Chapstar37 , making use of the temperature sensor of the TRV to operate the air cooler.

    I like it.

    I can use that to do it the other way around: start additional infrared heating if the temperature is not high enough or when I want to balance between gas and electricity usage. I'll try to find a kasa plug!

    Thanks for the tip.