Question re Smart TRV & general thermostat interaction


I’ve just had Tado installed and have Smart TRVs in all the main rooms (lounge, kitchen, bedrooms). No Smart TRVs in the hallway and bathrooms which are still manual valves.

In hindsight I think that probably wasn’t the best set up.

The house is narrow and over 3 floors, lounge on bottom, kitchen middle, main bedroom on top.

The main thermostat (wireless) is in the kitchen at the moment and the temperature reading is lower than than on the kitchen smart TRV even when heating is off. Same if moved to other rooms, it's lower than the TRV reading in that room even if the radiator hasn’t been on all day.

If the desired temperature of both is in the middle (eg desired temp is 20, main actual reading is 19 but kitchen actual reading is 21), does that mean that bathrooms and hallway will heat up but the kitchen radiator will stay off?

Is there a way to tell tado to ignore the temperature readings of specific smart TRVs if the main heating is reading is lower, in specific circumstances? (Defeats the point I guess)

I think perhaps I need to ignore the main heating and set the smart schedule for that as if I was setting it just for the bathrooms, and move the wireless thermostat into the bathroom?

As you can tell I’m very new to it all, any advice is appreciated!


  • samd
    samd ✭✭✭

    @Robyn It would appear from your post that you have Mode 1. See below. Smart Thermostats generally are more accurate than those in the Smart TRVs.

    There are two different modes for tado

    1. Heating ONLY comes on if boiler-switching device is ON
    2. Heating comes on when ANY tado device requests it

    Only Support on the chat line can do this.