Danfoss TPOne-M replacement with Tado Extension Kit on Logic Heat H24

Been waiting over a week for wiring help from Tado to no avail. I Know this is simple but in the absence of a diagram or labels I cannot wire on the backplate. Here is an image of the wiring.

L and N are no problem but you can see a loop from L to COM (Brown) - one end in L but where does the other end go on the Tado and need to know where NO1 and NO2 go too. Anyone have a digram or knowledge?


  • Thanks Grilled Cheese - Up and running with full connection to the app!


  • What was the solution ?
  • Hi Jamesi22, Thought the answer might disappear so i took a photo of the solution! Here it is

  • Trying to send you a picture of what I have but it won’t let me add a picture. Frustrating !
  • Have you got a picture of your Tado ?
  • Kippers
    edited November 2020

    No picture of tado - if you have the same equipment and follow these instructions from grilled cheese exactly then it should work.

    If you are removing a Danfoss TPone-M and replacing with a tado Extension Kit on Logic Heat 24 (with two zones) then this worked perfectly for me. I am not an electrician or plumber.

  • Understand. Would just be useful to see what yours looks like wired up.
  • Hi all, I am replacing my TPOne-M with the Tado wireless receiver. My current wiring also has a jump cable between L and COM, in addition to a cable going into both L and COM. So both L and COM have two cables. My concern however is the instructions do not consider the COM cable when labelling them up. What should I do with the COM cable(s)? Sorry if this is very basic…
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