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Hi All

I'm moving house in the next couple of months, and want to integrate Tado into the system (the full monty i.e. thermostats and TRVs). I'd like to do as much homework on installation in advance as I can (more about the wiring side of things), but without having a product to register in the app, I can't get to the instructions. Is there any other place I can get the in-app guides outside of this?

If it helps, I've managed to find out a few bits before we move in:

Vaillant ecoTec plus 637

Megaflo 250i*

Honeywell control for the heating/hot water (model unknown at the moment)

Heatmiser control for kitchen underfloor heating (model unknown at the moment)

Thanks for any help..

Cheers, James

  • The megaflow also has an immersion heater, and the house also has solar panels.. but unsure at the moment if the two are integrated. Not really an issue as far as wiring instructions go though I'd guess.


  • samd
    samd ✭✭✭

    @jimmymc I appreciate you wish to be prepared but once you have full knowledge of your equipment and models etc, listing it all for tado support and you would receive itemised tado products for you to purchase and wiring diagrams as appropriate.

    That said it may be that other users here have knowledge of your kit and will let you know of their experience.