Set-up tado for hot water (Smart Thermostat V3+)


I can see that HotWater can be set-up for Hot Water. I have an extension kit that talks to by combi boiler but I cannot find anywhere in the app that let me configure the hot water like so:

Where can I find the information regarding this aspect?


  • Thank you @GrilledCheese. So do you mean that by turning the heating on, this should automatically warm the water in the cylinder?

  • I see @GrilledCheese . My apologies but I believe I have provided a bad explanation of my problem. I have what I believe is called system boiler (I have a hot water tank outside the boiler).

    After the installation (it wasn't me who did it) I've been having an issue with hot water not being produced unless I turn the electric water generator on. I think this might be down to bad wiring of the EK and, while I am looking to find a Tado installer who can come thi week, I was hoping to understand more about how this works.