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Hi just installed the tado v3 wireless wall thermostat, extension and 4 smart rad thermostats. I have 10 rads in total (2 towel rails, 4 rads fitted with the tado smart rad thermostats and 4 fitted with manual danfoss thermostats) am I right in thinking that the 4 rads with the danfoss thermostats and 2 towel rails work off the tado wall thermostat and will only heat when the temp falls below the set point on the tado wall thermostat? The other 4 rads with tado thermostats work independently?
Also the radiator in my hallway where the tado wall thermostat is fixed doesn't have a tado radiator thermostat fitted, is it better to fit a tado rad thermostat on this radiator? Or just leave it so the wall thermostat controls the heating in the hallway?


  • Thanks grilled cheese 🧀 hard to figure out, so am I right in thinking that the smart wall thermostat is just a communication link to the boiler for the smart radiator thermostats in other rooms? As it doesn't control the radiator in the room where they both placed due to the smart trvs calling for heat from other rooms? So the rad in the same room as the tado wall thermostat is probably best controlled on a manual radiator trv like a danfoss?
  • Got it, I think, if the wall thermostat is set at 18° and a rad smart thermostat is set at 20° in another room and that rad thermostat calls for heat it's going to heat the rads without the smart rad thermostats, so them rads without the smart trvs are going to get hotter than the set point on the smart wall thermostat?
    So would it be best to add a smart trv on the rad in the same room as the smart wall thermostat so it can regulate the heat rather than it getting hotter than the set temp on the wall thermostat?
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