Heating system switched off


Good morning,

So I recently installed the multi-room system of Tado, with an extension kit on the central heating system, 1 Smart Thermostat and 2 Smart Radiator Thermostats in the living room, one SRT in the master bed room and one SRT in the bath room. Our baby room and kitchen are not (yet) equipped with a SRT.

Now, I observe that the complete heating system of the apartment is (at irregular periods) being switched off, even though the living room is not yet brought at right temperature. This has as annoying consequence that the other rooms are not heated anymore, even with the radiators completely open.

I assume that the Taco system is switching off my central heating system, but I do not understand why. I would expect the system to continue working continuously and that the heat supply would be managed at the level of SRTs? I suspect the Smart Thermostat to have something to do with it, but again living room temperature not brought to right level.

Anyone can help?