What is a reasonable time to expect "support?" Now one week and counting


I put in a support ticket a week ago and followed it up with a request via chat bot a day later. The bot claimed that I would hear back within 24 hours but a week later I've had not so much as an acknowledgement that my case is even pending. I can understand that there may be delays at times of high volume - although I don't accept that a heating company should be caught by surprise during winter time - but it's not reasonable to expect a customer to wait indefinitely and just hope that their case may be looked at one day. Having the heating not work when it's getting colder every day is not a lot of fun.

What are other people's recent support experiences? Are other people not getting a response after a week, either? As there seems to be no way to escalate anything, what are my options? It seems a bit expensive to have to rip everything out and install a new system but what am I supposed to do when the heating company basically ignores you after taking your money? Is it even legal to not offer support for a faulty product?

The worst aspect is the complete lack of any kind of communication. Even an auto-response with estimated support times would be something, but as it is I've had absolutely nothing from them. It's frankly appalling. How are Tado not embarrassed by this?


  • 48 hours for me, using the same two paths you have. No response.

    The fact that you submitted one a week ago doesn't fill me with hope. I don't really want to uninstall it and return it, but if it takes over a week to get a response to issues I might have to.

  • Shure

    I finally got a reply today, one week after submitting the ticket and coincidentally within an hour of raising this post. Hmm

  • I found phoning and leaving an answering machine message worked. No other form of contact got me anywhere! I had no heating for 3 days and as soon as a left a message I got a call back within a couple of hours.
    Hope this helps!
  • Yup, phoning has worked for me. I now have an avalanche of responses!

  • The support response time used to be really great, I've had good experiences, but it looks like response time has suddenly fallen off a cliff! Maybe pandemic related? If not I'm worried as I have a big investment in Tado and it feels like maybe the company is struggling. Support response is critical for a product which requires support every time you add a new product (in my case anyway) and to do the initial installation.

    However, the quality of the support of superb. It's just not acceptable to get no contact for so long. I added a couple of new products last week, it took them almost a week to make the background changes so they would work, but now I have another issue (no hot water) and I'm worried it will take them a week to respond, a week of cold showers, etc.

    And I can't find the phone number to leave a message anymore... Does anyone have it?

  • Same here, contacted a few days ago and still no answer. As a new user I will wait a few more days then return the kit :(

  • Phoning is a nice idea, what's the number?

    In the age we're in, expecting a same day/same hour response is the norm.

    Waiting days is not ok.

  • My kids nursery has unreliable heating and I've been trying to get hold of tado. They responded and said its probably a one off, but that's because I've been manually turning the zone valve on and off!

    I've got a ticket open and tried the number, still pursuing. So far on 4 days, will see if they get back.
  • I am at the verge of taking it off and return the. Will wait and see by Friday!!!
  • Has anyone got the contact number?