TRV Mounting issues

Given that Tado support refuse to answer I thought I'd try the question on here.

One of my TRVs recently reported a low battery. However, after replacing the batteries I am unable to remount the unit properly. I keep getting messages that it's not mounted and spanner symbol lights up. I've tried all the options in the help file, removed and reset the mount completely, tested that the pin on the radiator valve moves freely etc but nothing works. Haven't a clue what to do next.

Any ideas gratefully received


  • I have the same problem - has anyone solved this?

  • TadoFan326
    edited September 7

    Had this same issue despite the mounting being OK. There is a manual workaround. Pop a paperclip into the hole shown here and hold down until you hear the calibration mechanism come to life, then quickly mount the valve. @JayShavdia