2 physical heating zones, 2 wired thermostats and multiple TRVs



My home which has the following setup...

2 physical heating zones (1 upstairs and 1 downstairs)

2 wired thermostats (1 controlling the upstairs zone and the other controlling downstairs)

Ideal Logic+ Combi c30 boiler

Multiple TRVs

Both thermostats and all TRVs have been changed to Tado devices. I've created rooms in the app for each TRV but the lounge room includes both a TRV and thermostat, as does the landing room. What is happening is that the only TRVs that are turning the boiler on are the ones in the lounge and landing; none of the other TRVs turn the boiler on (although changing the temp in the app does make the TRVs open, they just don't seem to send any message to the thermostat to switch the boiler on).

Also, I can't see any means of allocating a TRV to a particular thermostat to ensure that the correct physical heating zone is switched on.

Any suggestions or advice would be much appreciated!




  • markf


    You will need to raise a support ticket with Tado to get the smart TRV's setup to call for heat when required in the relevant zone. This used to be really easy/quick, however it appears that they are very busy at the moment and its been over a week since my request was sent!