TRV losing contact with internet bridge triggering boiler?


I haven't quite worked this one out but I occasionally find the boiler operating when no rooms are calling for heat. I know this because I have a couple or radiators that don't have TRVs and I notice they have heated.

I have a wired Smart Thermostat in the entrance hall and five rooms with Smart TRVs on the rads. The room furthest from the bridge occasionally loses contact and either at that point or when it re-connects it appears to trigger the boiler firing even though it isn't below the set temperature.

Anybody experienced anything like this?

The rads that heat are in the hallway and when I notice this I have checked the app and the rads in each of the controlled rooms and none are calling for heat or heating. Strange, and because it only occurs occasionally, I haven't got enough instances to be sure something hasn't just stopped calling for heat.

Not a big issue, but I'm intrigued.

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  • Thanks for the replies - good to know I'm not imagining the issue.

    I also re-located the internet bridge using a powerline ethernet link and loss of contact happens rarely now so haven't noticed boiler firing without call for heat or maybe, as Paul0000 suggests, there has been a softwareupdate.

  • HI

    Boiler firing when in Away mode and all thermostats showing “ Frost Protection”.

    This is exactly what I have been concerned about but as of now ii still have not had it sorted by Tado support.

    Boiler coming on burning fuel when technically away from home.

    Needless to say that if , for example , I was away for a period of time would be a complete waste of money.

    I have been having this issue since installing TRV's but as of now still nothing really explained nor sorted. I am having to cut the power supply to the boiler.