Moving from Honeywell duel to Tado single



My local installer sold me a lemon and while i asked about Tado he convinced me to take a terrible Honeywell setup. I need some advice on what to buy to move to Tado and bin the Honeywell kit.

Current setup:

2 x Honeywell Lyric Wireless thermostats

A Split home valve for each hoeywell to call for heat. HOWEVER this has never worked and if either call for heat the whole house heats.

What i want:

1 x Tado Wired or Wirelss thermostat to call the boliler for heat. I say wired as there is access under the boiler to the sub floor to run a cable below the floor and up behind my fridge, then drill into the living room to fit the Tado. If this is no good then same location but wirelsss to the boiler

3 Radiator room control TRV's.


My worry is the valve that is meant to split the system. I dont particularly want to remove it, just leave it open for the whole house. However the Honeywell boiler control is clearly wired up to this valve (not correctly as it does not work) but its going from a duel setup to a single

Hope that makes sense. I would probably pay an installer to come do it but have no idea what kit i need to buy.