Replacing a Nest and how best to zone with TRVs


We inherited a Nest smart thermostat with our house, and I would like to replace with a Tado since i'd prefer the HomeKit integration - has anyone done a straight swap? If so are there any gotcha's with installing the extension unit (i.e. is the wiring the same?)

And which kit do I need? Wired or Wireless? (I know the Nest thermo is wired, but not sure if its the right kind of wired?)

Also - whilst the thermostat works well for the lower floor (where it is installed), we end up with a pretty cold 2nd floor as it takes much longer to heat and so the boiler is called off by the time it gets going. I know the proper solution is to dual zone the heating, but my understanding is that's a big job. Would a couple of smart TRVs (2 x bedrooms) solve this problem? It would seem to me that it would only really work with TRVs installed on other rads in the system because otherwise they would also be on while the 2nd floor was getting to temperature, creating the opposite problem.



  • samd
    samd ✭✭✭

    @bdunn I changed from Nest but I would not try to use my wiring - you will get bespoke wiring and installation detail from support once you send them all the makes and models of boiler. thermostats etc.

    I think you have answered your own question on the issue of some/all TRVs being replaced.