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How can I setup my home so that the aircon shuts off if the windows/doors are left open?

I rent out my property and am interested in using Tado's Smart AC Control in combination with a smart window/door detector. I would like to set things up so that my aircon switches off if the door or windows are left open.

Is this possible using the Tado device? What are my options to achieve this?

Any advise would be welcome


  • The Tado smart radiator thermostats supposedly have open window sensing but I do not recall seeing mention of something similar for their AC controller.

    However you can get various door/window sensors to report whether the door or window is open. There are Zigbee and Z-Wave versions which can be linked to various smart home platforms and then typically you use rules including via IFTTT however there are also HomeKit door/window sensors like the following.

  • Just checked the information about the new v3 Smart AC controller. It at least has the same open window sensing as the smart radiator valves. However you still might want to consider a dedicated sensor like the Eve one.

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