TRV loosing connection but is not the furthest one

I have recently set up Tado in my home. I have a simple set up with a bridge and 7 TRVs.

The Bridge is a V3+ bridge located at the red dot. The green dots represent fully functioning TRVs. The yellow dot is the one causing problems.

With problems I mean that it looses the connection repeatedly and sometimes for long durations. TRV A has no problems altogh its in a straight line but further away.

The Firmware is 54.12 but on other TRVS it is 75.1.

Do you have any tipps on what I could do to get a steady connection?

Thanks :)


  • Commenting to get updates.

    This is a boggle I’ve been fighting with for...erm...6 months?
  • Hi there,

    First off to upgrade the TRV, unplug it and move it nearer the internet bridge. Then request the firmware update via the app. Leave it for a couple of hours and it should update. You can then plug it back in.

    Agree with @GrilledCheese that the location doesn't look ideal. I'd also suggest if you can moving it upstairs, things got much better in our house when we did that.

    But I have still have a very similar issue to you. Two kitchen TRV's randomly unavailable (resulting in an often freezing kitchen in the mornings grrr) - yet a TRV in a room off the rear of kitchen, further away from the bridge and through another 3ft stone wall works just fine.

  • I am having this problem as well albeit with newer firmware.
  • Jurian
    Jurian | Admin

    The first thing to do in such situations:

    Swap 2 of your tado smart radiator thermostats. (Always making sure you take out the batteries to enable a new calibration on the new radiator).

    Does the problem move with the Smart Radiator Thermostat? Or does it stay in the same location (even with the other tado device now mounted in this new location).

    If the problem moved with the Smart Radiator Thermostat, please feel free to contact our support via the chat.

    If the problem stayed at the same location, the next step is to try and move the tado internet bridge. Even a slight change in orientation of the bridge (upside down, horizontal, diagonal etc..) can have a huge influence on the radio range in a specific direction.