Exchange from Satchwell 2259 thermo statto Tado

In my current thermostat, I have a Live, Neutral and Earth cable. Please can anyone advise if this is adequate to run a Tado?
Thank You


  • Thanks for your reply, yes I've ready that the Neutral and Earth are not used, there doesn't appear to be a switch live? There is literally 3 cables in which are L, N, & E and that's it.
    There is a Blue and a yellow cable that are soldered on to the thermostat it's self. My system is an oil fired one and can't be much newer than 2005.
  • Thank you, I have put my test lamps across the wires, Red which I took to be live is infact a switched live and the black that I assumed to be neutral is the permanent live. Looks as though the Tado will work fine.
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