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Confusion with dashboard

My husband and I have just installed the Tado system. I would just like to know why on the dash board some of the rooms when they should be turned off seem to be on. They aren’t actually heating but orange on the dashboard. Only 2 rooms are grey and look off when programmed to be off.
Also some of the bathroom towel radiators don't turn off, they are not connected to the system. Is there a way we can turn off separately?
If someone can help I would appreciate it.
KR Nicolette.


  • Thank you for your replies.
    I will turn the valves off at the towel radiators during the day so that they will only come on morning and evening.
    Do your radiators come on when they are supposed to be off. We’ve timed all radiators to come on in the morning and evening but some stay on during the day! Not sure why this is. I thought that’s why there’s a timer so that the radiators come on if not up to temperature.
    Thx again for replying
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