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Reading through the forums it appears that I need support to make a back end change for me to get my Smart Radiator Thermostats to call for heat from the correct zone.

Has anyone found a different way of doing this without waiting hours/days/weeks for support to reply?

I was hoping there was an "Advanced Options" tab or beta versions of the software that gave more installation empowerment but so far I have found nothing.



  • Not entirely clear what you are trying to do. If the radiator valves are set up correctly with an extension kit and thermostat then when they activate they will call for heat via the extension kit. You don’t mention an extension kit or a thermostat because those are the bits that intermediate the interaction between the radiator valves and calls for heat.
  • Thanks for replying.

    Yes I have the extension kit installed next to the boiler. It’s all been working fine (Two zones plus hot water) but now I’ve added controls to my upstairs radiators so that each bedroom can be different).

    When the smart radiator thermostat calls for heat , the boiler switches on and heats the radiators in the downstairs zone. The upstairs zone where the smart radiator thermostat is fitted remains cold.

    Does that make my predicament make more sense?
  • Thanks - how do I 'allocate them to the upstairs zone' ? Each SRT is allocated to its own bedroom name, but they don't demand heat from the upstairs zone - just the downstairs.

    I'll try to install them again and see if that fixes the issue, but from what I have read here, it appears that tado support need to work some backend magic.

  • I have seen a lot of this “backend magic”mentioned in this community and others. Surely Tado shouldn’t have to do this for everyone and either allow the changes to be made by the user or automate the changes required within the software?!

    I have emailed them myself regarding the optimisation of ‘Early Start’ when using a smart TRV but no response yet!

  • Yep, the "backend magic" fixed the issue.

    Would be great to see this capability adding to the app in the future.

  • I connected through Chat (eventually). I was asked which items I wanted in which zone/heating-circuit. Once I provided this, a backend change was made and it now all works. I asked if I could do this myself if I added more TRVs in the future, but unfortunately I have to go through this process again, until the capability is added to the app.
  • Well I’m having massive issues in getting two zones to work properly! In each zone radiators some radiators are coming on and others not, bizarrely it’s generally the one that is the ‘measuring device’ that doesn’t come on. I had to wait a week for Tado support to contact me, and it’s been another week of back and forth, swapping over valves, re-calibrating etc etc, and it’s still not working properly. I’m almost at the point where I’m going to uninstall and send it all back for a refund!! Really at end of tether.