Since Tado installed, massive lag-spikes in different gaming services

Ever since we installed the Tado into our network we're experiencing massive lag-spikes in gaming services.

I cannot find a list of ports used by Tado and de-prioritizing Tado in the network settings of the routers still blocks other communications. Could you supply a list of ports used by Tado?

Next to that I also cannot seem to find any DNS requests made by the Tado bridge in the Pi-hole DNS query log, suggesting it uses its own, hard-coded, set DNS server. Is there any particular reason for this practice?

Could you guys provide additional information and possible solutions here on how to make Tado not block certain network communication at short intervals?

The lag / communication blockades we're experiencing are about 1-3 seconds every 20'ish seconds. For a real clear demonstration, try playing Heroes of the Storm ;)

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