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Zero or complete lack of customer service????

Ok so I buys a new tado system.

Having big problems with it, only to find out certain settings need changing from the Tado office side. So I try to contact them.

Am redirected to an apparently more efficient service online.
I send a message there. Then am told it takes 1 day to get a reply. 3 days later I'm still waiting for a reply, and have sent another message to ask for a reply. And guess what. No reply.

Pretty disgraceful for an apparently "good" company.

So I'm stuck with a fluctuating heating system that I have no control over, thanks tado.

If there is anyone at tado reading this. Can you please just reply to your customers, it's kind of part of the price we pay to buy your products.... .


  • Someone got back to me, about 1 hour after me posting this. Now I have a much bigger problem. They said they sorted the problem but my all my radiators are cold, with the app telling me it's working at full power lolol. Why have these got such good reviews on Amazon. Loosing sleep here.....
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