Towel rail radiators

Live in a dorma Bungalow, the upstairs bedroom doesn't get used but has two rads either end of the room with tado stats, I also have two towel rails downstairs (shower room & bathroom) both get very hot but have no way of controlling the heat when a radiator fitted in another room with tado stat calls for heat, both towel rails don't have any stats but are located centrally downstairs where it's more habital , just wondering if it would be better to fit new valves on the towel rails and remove the tado stats from the rads upstairs and fit on towel rails?
Are tado rad stats ok to fit on towel rails?


  • Do the towel rails have manual TRVs? If not just install one of them on one towel rail (they always recommend keeping one radiator open to allow the heat to run somewhere in event something goes wrong and you've got all your smart TRVs shut. In this case this would be on of your towel rails)