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I have created routines to change multiple radiator temperatures at once, ie. turn down all downstairs or upstairs but I can not seem to find a command that works on all valves at once. for example I may want to turn the heating off for an hour and whilst i can create a routine in the Alexa app to do this - that involves many lines listing each radiator and its target temperature. surely something like "turn the heating off for an hour" should work without all the homework?


  • This question, the concept, should be the most important thing of an automated system: ONE command for all the zones in the house... is that really impossible?

    My question would be a little less "brutal" than "turn the heating off for an hour", I'd like to do something like "decrease 2 degrees for an hour".

    Now I'm using a manual command to force the "Away" setup but (apart that I always forget to put Home in time), in this mode the Away temperature is not optimal for a "real Away" (i.g. if I go away for a week)

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    Given the limitations of the Tado system I would recommend to use one of the "smart schedules" to cover such cases as "being away for a week" or "operating the system in summer mode".

    Usually you would be using the per-day or weekday-weekend schedule in normal operation, then you can program the all-days schedule for a certain temperature to be held when you are away, then set the system to use that schedule. Then you can easily switch back to the usual schedule when you are back.

    Of course there is a lot of room for improvement in the schedules, they really aren't "smart". But Tado seems to ignore requests for that.

  • Robm, yes, this could be a solution and if I had only one room wouldn't be a problem but I have:

    • living room with 1 tado thermostat and 3 tado valves
    • room A with 1 tado valve
    • room B with 1 tado valve
    • room C with 1 tado valve
    • room D with 1 tado valve
    • bathroom with 1 tado valve

    Changing everytime 6 zones to the desired setup by changing the day schedule and then going back to weekday-weekend schedule is, of course, not acceptable for such a automated system... I wouldn't buy a Netatmo... but I think it will be

  • yesterday I tried with a IFTTT routine and Alexa:

    it works but it switch off all the rooms, I didn't wait to see if it come back to ON because the routine was 2 hours and is winter... I'll do a new routine with 15min to test.

    Anyway, I need to decrease a couple of degrees for i.g. one or two or thress hours, not to switch off the heating

  • "I can not seem to find a command that works on all valves at once."

    I did it, with IFTTT but I cannot find out what you did: "created routines to change multiple radiator temperatures at once".

    We need to make an exchange :)

  • I think I should have said, the simplest solution for what i want to achieve is for Tado to add a "scene" for alexa to emulate the geofencing home and away setting.

    ie. alexa set tado to away / home

    It would have to be Tado who do this as scenes are created by the organisation supplying the alexa skill.