Rooms and zones!

I've got tados practically all over the house now(like 12 of them!). But I realised after install what I actually need is to control in zones depending on activity. For example when I'm working from home I'd like the study and kitchen one on, in the evening I'd like all floors but the bedroom and study on etc. I don't want to having to go to the setting for each one and change the temperature every time

I thought I'd figured this out and started renaming them into rooms, so an evening one would include lots and I could just change the setting once etc. But renaming means I just have lots of rooms all called the same thing now.

Am I missing something here? I'm guessing I'm thinking about this in the wrong way and need to restructure my set up, but can't figure it out yet!


  • Thanks Grilled cheese. This pretty poor, why get all the data together like that and then make it all so un useful. I've done stuff with ifttt elsewhere with some other tech and its a bit hit and miss depending on how busy they are, can send a request and it can take hours to get through the queue.

    What's the development like around this product, like do they add new features regularly or am I better returning these and finding a different product? If new features are regular I could probably bodge home and away for now, effectively all it needs is for more of these to be be an option so shouldn't be hard to add.

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    @Fraggles Grilledcheese is correct but I don't understand why you have so many devices all called the same name. Could you not rename them again (!) giving a logical name to each room/tado tvr and then setting schedules for each coupled with a second alternate schedule for your study and kitchen using the facility under schedule days (Mon-Sun, Mon-Fri etc.

  • The renaming was my fault, they all started off seperate, I was trying to work out how to group them to control the heating better. I've started naming them back again.

    Actually that might work thanks. I have the boiler controlled by a cozy controller anyway so I could just schedule all the working hours as on all the time, same for the evenings with the others, then use the cozy app to turn these on or off when I'm actually cold. Thanks!

  • @Fraggles , like you I have a large number of TADO TRVs throughout the house, I have two zones, one upstairs and the other downstairs - I believe this is a common setup for modern houses.

    I had to ask TADO to assign the TRVs to each zone so that each TRV can call for heat independently - this they did and I can now set each room against a smart schedule.

    Our use of the house is fairly predictable, both work from home Mon - Fri, as such offices and family room / kitchen are set at 20, rest of the house to 16 until 18:00 when the schedule drops office temps and warms up the living room, the bathrooms are set to warm up 1st thing in the day then off for the rest of the time. Weekends have a different schedule.

    System works well but perhaps not exactly what you are after, that said , once you have your rooms assigned the app is very good

    My only criticism is having to rely upon TADO support to get the setup as required, clearly it's a very flexible system but not something a general user can setup.

  • Thanks SDF1965. My house is a new build (around 6 years old) but oddly only has one heating zone. Its also all south facing windows so even in the winter the sun can warm it nicely at certain times of the day.

    The usage is a bit less predictable but I reckon the setup I've got now from the ideas above should be good. I've basically scheduled every TRV by day and time for how I would like the house on a cold day. Then I'm using the cosy geohub to actually turn the boiler on and off during those times.

    Faffy but it works, and am hoping they may make the app a bit smarter in the future.

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