Individual user & room geofencing

This has been on your roadmap for over 4yrs. When can we expect it please


  • This is a great idea. E.g. my daughter’s room isn’t heated when she’s not home. Brilliant at the time of such costly heating
  • I agree I really need this with 3 kids who are often home alone and I don't want to give them full app settings on their mobile app.

  • 6yrs now - must be the longest software roadmap in Europe.

  • Is this something that can be addressed with IFTTT perhaps?

  • Hi, IFTT option if „leave specified area“ then „turn heating off specified Tado room“ works for me
  • I do this with Apple Homekit automations. Works well. If you just want to do a schedule (i.e. when kid goes to school) you could also do it with an Alexa routine.

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    @Scale70 only issue with HomeKit automation is that HomeKit can not resume the schedule on return, it can only manually set the target temp, which is not ideal. I'm not sure if Alexa can resume the schedule as i don't use that.

  • Thanks for the advice above - resuming the schedule was the problem I came across when trying to follow the suggestion above. Great suggestion though, didn’t know you could control each thermostat in that way!