Where to start, old house new combi boiler



We've just moved into a 60's Semi that looks to have had a single zone Gas Central Heating retro fitted but recently has had the boiler replaced for a fairly new Baxi Combi boiler. The house has a single mobile wireless controller (receiver box located separate to the boiler, but next to it and wired in and a total of 9 radiators with TRVs and a single room with a Towel Rail without standard valve.

As I'm working from home I'm currently moving the controller in to my office and turning most of the TRVs down to off/low or sat freezing to avoid burning the heating all day long.

I'm looking for some advice as to the best way to set up a tado system. My initial thought was to replace all 10 valves with tado SRTs and arbitrarily place the Wireless Thermostat somewhere like the lounge (Hottest room in the house) or kitchen (Coldest room in the house) so I can set a schedule to warm each room separately, is this the right thing to do or even possible?


  • On reflection, given the towel rail in the bathroom is so close to the wall that fitting a SRV wouldn't be physically possible without moving it (Even if possible based on the fittings) it might be best to leave that as a standard valve and put the smart thermostat in the bathroom. My wife's biggest complaint is that the bathroom is always too cold so heating that room unnecessarily when heat is called for in other rooms wouldn't be an issue where as being able to call for heat from the bathroom in advance of other rooms in the morning would probably be beneficial.

    That said I'm still looking for advice as to if this is even remotely sensible!