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new Wireless Temperature Sensor: way too expensive?!

I’ve just received an email announcing the new Wireless Temperature Sensor (and a 15% first offer discount). Great to hear about this new device and I’ve a few ideal places to put one.
However.... €80 to buy?! That’s the same as a radiator thermostat and yet all it does is read the temp (no motor to turn on/off the radiator, etc).... at this price, unfortunately it won’t be added, even with the discount.

I look forward to seeing it at a much friendlier price!
Am I the only one that thinks this?


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    Hi Neal,

    I totally agree with you......this is a stupid price point for a device that has been requested by so many users. I will not be adding any of these to my setup.

  • totally agree... chassi of smart thermostat and so expensive..
  • It's always difficult but Tado is a brand. And some people will always be happy to buy in. Technology isn't cheap to develop, and in this day and age consumers always want everything for a $1.

    The truth is Tado's Customer Support isn't going to get better without $$$$ investment and this is just another revenue stream.

    Technology always gets cheaper so hang on a bit and it should go down in price...Black Friday?

  • As far as I can see it’s exactly the same as the current one. There’s nothing about what else it might do or how it’s improved. Tado is a great product but dreadfully marketed and activated in the market.
  • Geoff13Geoff13
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    I agree it is far too expensive. Having purchased a Smart Radiator Thermostat at £50 - £60 and then another £80!! for 1 room, it's way over priced. Plus, what does it do that adjusting the 'Temperature offset' doesn't?

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