How do I turn heating off?

Seems quite simple but how do I turn the central heating off? I have an unvented system with extension kit and six Tado rad valves. Thanks


  • Set it to Away mode is the easiest way from the APP.

    Click on the icon that says HOME and change it from AUTO or HOME to AWAY.

  • Is that the only way as by doing that, I turn the hot water off as well? I appreciate I could adjust all the schedules on my TRVs and main thermostat but isn't there a simpler way of just clicking 'off'?
  • You can keep your hot water on by going to HOT WATER, pressing the AWAY tab and choosing HOT WATER ON or going into the smart schedule and choosing ADVNACED SETTINGS under HOT WATER and unchecked GEOFENCING.

    No, that is the way - it's meant to be SMART but I understand your point unlike NEST which you would just dial down.

  • Thanks, I didn't realise you could do that. It should solve my issue. I might stick a suggestion in for an easy way of just turning CH on/off. Thanks for your help, cheers