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Floorheating and thermostat in seperate rooms

Hi all..

So I rent a house and in the basement theres a total of 4 rooms.

Room 1 and 2 has floorheating, but theres no thermostates in those rooms.

Room 3 has a regular radiator

Room 4 has the boiler and has the floorheating system, wich is basically just 2 regular radiator thermostats controlling the heat of the water.

How do I make a setup, where my Tado is controlling the floorheating?

Best case scenario would be a wallmounted thermostat in each of the floorheated rooms, each of them wireless connected to a thermostat placed directly on the floorheating system in room 4, just like a regular radiator thermestat.

Thanks in advance for any advice..


  • Hi

    Because you only have one thermostat and it sounds like all four rooms on the same heating circuit the only room you could control independently would be room 3 with a smart TRV but this would only enable it to be off when heat is demanded based on schedule/temperature.

    Can you see the minfold for the underfloor heating? How many pipes are there? How many wired valves are there?

    Also, is the gas boiler in your property or somewhere else? What controller/programmer timer do you use?

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