Couple of questions before i commit


Hi Everyone, I'm looking into upgrading my heating system to Tado and just had a couple of questions.

My current system is:

Unvented - S Plan with a Bosch Greenstar 18ri system boiler and the following radiators

Thermostat is a wired Heatmiser in the hallway connected to a Honeywell programmable timer in the airing cupboard that also controls the hot water.

My current thinking is that i will need

tado° Wireless Smart Thermostat Starter Kit V3+ with Hot Water Control

12 Smart Radiator Thermostats

plus possibly additional Wireless Temperature Sensors to give easy access to the rooms controls (eg the bedrooms).

now that's out of the way question time lol

Q1. Am i right in thinking that the existing wired thermostat in the hallway would become redundant and and could be removed / blanked off (wireless thermostat from the starter kit would be placed in the lounge)

Q2. Can said wireless thermostat be set to control just the 2 lounge Smart Radiator Valves.

Q3. Can each room call for heat as required by the Smart Radiator Valve

Q4. The radiator in the Bathroom and En Suite are plumbed into the Hot Water Loop not the Central Heating Loop, would these still be able to call for heat or should i not worry about fitting Smart Radiator Valves to them. I believe they are plumbed in to the hot water loop so that you can still have hot towels in the summer when the heating is off.

Cheers in advance


  • PhilipJM

    Your desires setup is almost a mirror of mine, or what mine was.

    Q1, I replaced my two wired wall stats with wired Tado stats. An upstairs one and a downstairs one, these are part if the circuit that controls the valves allowing water to flow to and from boiler.

    Q2, probably but ask tado support. I have found them to be very responsive to questions.

    Q3 yes, Tado will need to set this up but yes

    Q4 The water extension is normally set to send water to hot water loop, hot water storage tank so if it is on then presumably your bathroom and ensuite rads will be on.

    Hope this helps