Heating system Vaillant


Dear Tado company!

 I would like to ask you.

 I have a Vaillant heating system in my house.

 Boiler type ECOTEC Plus 236 / 3- 5

 The main control central unit: auromatic620

 Type of thermostats in three rooms: VR90 (comfort remote switch)

 I bought your products: tado Starter Kit Smart Thermostat (V3P-SK-ST01-TC-ML-00) VT1907 and a tado Extension Kit Wireless Reciever (V3P EK01 TC ML 00)

 My mechanic connected the devices to the central control unit (auromatic620) via a BUS system.

 I would like to ask if I can control the VR90 thermostats in the three rooms with the application? Or can I only control the heating via your Smart Thermostat?

 Thanks for your reply.

 Best regards.

 Ferenc Szabo

 8800 Nagykanizsa Kanyar street 9.

 Email: szabo.ferenc.consulting@gmail.com