Tado AC and radiator control in same room



I´m new here and unboxed my first tado smart heat device yesterday

I have long-distance heating system in my house, don´t know if thats the right word. (Two pipes coming from the street with heat to my house)

In my living room / kitchen / entrance, I have one AC controller and 4 radiator and one wood stove. So I have three different heating source. This one big room is around 90 m2 big

How can I use tado to make it smart and not fight each other. For example I don´t wont the AC to go to cooling mode when I light a fire in the stove

I have three radiator controll and one AC controll, to play with so far

I have an idea of how I will that the system shall work.

When it is +5°C or more out side, the AC should be main heat source and radiator just a small help is the temp is not enough

(Beacause the heat from the AC is cheaper in that temp range)

When it is colder then +5°C the radiator should be main and the AC just some extra help

Regardless of outside temp, when the fireplace is on the radiator should go to min and the AC should switch to fan mode.

Do you think this is possibly to do in tado, or should I try do it in my Homey system